I am enjoying Autumn as she sinks into winter.  

Leaves that have basked in summer’s fondness with generous amounts of rain to sustain the heat soaked days are loosening their grasp on withering branches.  

Gusts of winter’s breath blast and scatter the red-gold hordes in spirals and upward tangents that whip themselves to heights and fall in showers far from home.

Deep frosts nip in the dead of night and morning finds the tree denuded with its mantle of glorious colour lying mute and perfect beneath. 

It is a glorious time but sad as each day brings more bare branches and soggy heaps of summer’s days.  

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Lazy Days

Settling back into holiday mode after a frantic few days catering for lots of people over Christmas.   The weather is amazing but the change from cool to hot is so sudden that we are all sheltering away from the sun.

I haven’t thought about my novel that I attempted over November but I will check it out soon and see what I think of it.  It often seems better when read much later on.  It is still a funny fusion of serious and funny and I am not sure that that is working well.

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only 18,700 words

Well NaNoWriMo was very interesting.  I got nowhere near the goal of 50,000 words in November but it was an amazing experience to just write and not think about the grammar, the spelling or the sense of it.

I had prepared plot lines, character sketches, maps of the buildings and I ignored all of them!  As I became familiar with the characters I just seem to respond to what they seem to be doing and thinking how they would react.  I can’t see how you could enforce happenings on people that it doesn’t fit!  Maybe I’m too new at this.

I found I had come to the end of my plot too soon but could probably afford to add lots more description and background as I have done mostly dialogue as I tried to work out what was likely to happen to my characters.

I think I am a short story writer if I am a writer at all.  I like the lightness of touch as you hint at a larger backstory but leave the reader to fill it in.

I am reading John Cleese autobiography and really understanding where my sense of silliness comes from when I write ‘funny’ (to me!) pieces.  I obviously watched too much 50s and 60s TV and listened to too many  Goon Shows, The Navy Lark etc.

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started NaNoWriMo

I didn’t wait up till midnight on November 1st but settled down at 3.00pm that day to start my novel.  I found it was quite unchallenging just to put words down without the feeling of checking back on the grammar or spelling or even if I was making sense as the idea seems to be just get the words down and then sort them out afterwards.

So I am just blatting it all out and enjoying myself – putting off the day when I have to make sense of it all.

I still haven’t found my groups’ ‘place’ in the NaNoWriMo site but I am sure they are all beavering away too.

Happy writing to all those giving it a go.


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my NaNoWriMo novel is planned

The setting for my novel has always been there.  A crazy private school in England that thought good deportment and clean nails would see us able to cope with making or way in the world!

But how to make it more than just a list of happenings, however amusing for me to re-live and maybe for readers to read.  So finding a plot that was real, interesting and not too grim was my goal.  I didn’t want anything to be too heavy for the general light-heartedness of the main background.

I don’t know if I’ll achieve it but it’ll be fun trying.

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Countdown to NaNoWriMo

I made the mistake of reading a book on structuring your novel – very good – but I realize that my plan is not very structured, in fact not structured at all. So back to the drawing board.  I have the characters and plot highlights but I will have to reassess my flow of actions and outcomes.  I suppose having to write so much so quickly will concentrate my mind enough to get the ‘thing’ down and then I can shuffle it around to be more thrilling and flowing.

My writing group is all joining in and this will be a major help.  I have yet to work out how the NaNoWriMo site works but I guess once I start all will be revealed.

Good luck and fruitful writing to all those attempting the challenge.

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starting to plan my novel

I have just had a week in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand.  A great little capital city – home to Weta Workshop that created the animations for all the Hobbit movies.  It is a city of steps.  Everywhere you go you are confronted with steps.  You are either hunched up dragging yourself up with a handrail, or grasping a handrail as you teeter with trembling knees to come back down again.

I sat in the sun one morning planning my NaNoWriMo plot and characters.  I tried to conjure up my characters imagining their physical appearance, their habits, the colour of their hair.  I gave them numbers as I didn’t want names to bias my characterizations with memories of other people with those names.  I imagined the story and and how to tell it.  Would I tell it as a straight beginning to end or get tricky and start at the end and do flash-backs?

I have no idea how to organize all the information but feel a mind map will be the best way to see it all at once.  I have read that you sort it into chapters and outline the chapters but I am further back in the process than that.  If anyone knows, suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

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