starting to plan my novel

I have just had a week in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand.  A great little capital city – home to Weta Workshop that created the animations for all the Hobbit movies.  It is a city of steps.  Everywhere you go you are confronted with steps.  You are either hunched up dragging yourself up with a handrail, or grasping a handrail as you teeter with trembling knees to come back down again.

I sat in the sun one morning planning my NaNoWriMo plot and characters.  I tried to conjure up my characters imagining their physical appearance, their habits, the colour of their hair.  I gave them numbers as I didn’t want names to bias my characterizations with memories of other people with those names.  I imagined the story and and how to tell it.  Would I tell it as a straight beginning to end or get tricky and start at the end and do flash-backs?

I have no idea how to organize all the information but feel a mind map will be the best way to see it all at once.  I have read that you sort it into chapters and outline the chapters but I am further back in the process than that.  If anyone knows, suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

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