only 18,700 words

Well NaNoWriMo was very interesting.  I got nowhere near the goal of 50,000 words in November but it was an amazing experience to just write and not think about the grammar, the spelling or the sense of it.

I had prepared plot lines, character sketches, maps of the buildings and I ignored all of them!  As I became familiar with the characters I just seem to respond to what they seem to be doing and thinking how they would react.  I can’t see how you could enforce happenings on people that it doesn’t fit!  Maybe I’m too new at this.

I found I had come to the end of my plot too soon but could probably afford to add lots more description and background as I have done mostly dialogue as I tried to work out what was likely to happen to my characters.

I think I am a short story writer if I am a writer at all.  I like the lightness of touch as you hint at a larger backstory but leave the reader to fill it in.

I am reading John Cleese autobiography and really understanding where my sense of silliness comes from when I write ‘funny’ (to me!) pieces.  I obviously watched too much 50s and 60s TV and listened to too many  Goon Shows, The Navy Lark etc.

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