Lazy Days

Settling back into holiday mode after a frantic few days catering for lots of people over Christmas.   The weather is amazing but the change from cool to hot is so sudden that we are all sheltering away from the sun.

I haven’t thought about my novel that I attempted over November but I will check it out soon and see what I think of it.  It often seems better when read much later on.  It is still a funny fusion of serious and funny and I am not sure that that is working well.

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One Response to Lazy Days

  1. Teresa Collingwood says:

    Hi Barbara, It’s Teresa from Harrow UK. Can you send me your email address please so I can email you. Thanks for your letter, updating me of your doings. Look forward to hearing from you soon, and I will send you a longer reply. Have just had a detached retina replaced on NYE, panic emergency! So am managing with only one eye at the moment. xx

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