my short stories

I have been writing stories for only 5 years.  I wrote lots of letters home during my travels and so got into the habit of describing the beautiful places and the funny happenings.  That morphed, as I had a family and got too busy, into the annual Christmas letter back home to family in England and friends in Australian (where I lived for 10 years). That morphed into an A4 page with all my news on one side and pictures of my family on the other.  This practice has had a profound impact on my writing as I am nearly incapable of writing more than an A4 page of story.  If I need more space I merely decrease the font and increase all the margins!

I actually succeeded in writing a novella, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Started out with four main female characters and ended up with three and a male character. They can be really bossy these novella dwellers .  They are very keen to get published and tell their story to the world so I better get editing. I hope you enjoy my stories.

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